About Thunderstorm Division

Thunderstorm Division is a fun and competitive WOTB clan, currently with the tags STORM, ST2RM, and ST3RM in game.

STORM is invitation only from within the Thunderstorm ranks.  If you are interested in applying to ST2RM or ST3RM, please join our recruiting Discord Server here:


Minimums to apply to ST2RM and ST3RM:
At least 58% winrate
At least 1300 avg dmg
Recents stats (30/60/90 day) much higher than lifetime, to show improvement.
At least 1 tier X with over 2k avg dmg

In-game Clan Descriptions:
STORM- This in-game clan is for our ultra-competitive players who plan to participate heavily in clan wars; you are expected to have considerable time commitment toward practice/training as team and an active presence on Discord.  STORM only recruits from ST2RM and ST3RM.
ST2RM & ST3RM- are more relaxed, but still for our competitive members; still planning to participate in clan wars, but time commitments toward training may be less. It is also a place for those increasing their skills for a place in STORM.

Thunderstorm Code Conduct

Please read. If you are interested in joining us, click the "Recruiting Discord" link to the left.
  • All members will respect all players, both in game and on the forums
  • There will be no unacceptable behavior in game. This includes, blocking, trolling, driving off the map, intentional suiciding, or afking.
  • Players should respect the dignity of other players in chat. No threats or insults will be made to clan members or any other player.
  • No spamming will be tolerated.
  • Be respectful - think before you talk. Avoid disrespect, rudeness, cruelty or hatred.
  • Please moderate the use of foul language - we all rage sometimes, but excessive use is just annoying.
If any clan member is having issues with another clan or another Thunderstorm member, please discuss the issue with an officer. Within the clan, these same rules apply. If you are not treating one another with respect, action will be taken.
Clan News

No News Is Currently Available

No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em